Shipping in USA/Canada


While you’re waiting…

While you are waiting for your new velomobile, there are a few important things you can do to prepare. First, due to shipping regulations, velomobiles sent outside the European Union will not be shipped with a battery or a charger (Europe is 220V vs North America at 110V power). Velomobile World recommends a 14.4V battery. These (often in 14.8V form) are used in model RC cars. You can find them at various hobby stores such as Hobby Lobby, a store local to me. Several US velonauts have chosen to use the 12V TalentCell LiFePo4 instead, which is available via places like Amazon. They have used this with both the Lupine and Busch, and Mueller lights and say they have had no problems. Ultimately your choice of battery is up to you and your comfort with and knowledge of electrical systems.

The larger batteries (7-10+ Ah) are ideal for riders doing especially long distances running power hungry lights. If you tend to ride only shorter distances, the smaller size batteries (under 7aH) will be sufficient and will save a bit of weight. Please note the TalentCell batteries use a traditional 12V DC plug. You will need either an adapter, or the soldering skills to add a Molex plug to the end of your battery cable. For a video on how to adapt the TalentCell connector [click here]

 Second, the factory does not install the mirrors to allow you the option to choose the spot that works best for you. For tips on mirror installation [click here]. If you are picking your velomobile up and riding it home from there, you will probably want to install the mirrors…

 Third, you can familiarize yourself with the features of your velomobile by reading the manual [Click Here].

Also note that some models such as the Bülk, will be shipped with pedals, while others offer it as an option. Be sure to check if pedals are included if you will be riding it home from the pick-up location.


Arranging for your shipment

Customs and Border Patrol typically, though not always, require a broker for purchases valued over $2500. The broker will take care of customs paperwork, notify you of when it has cleared customs, and can even arrange to deliver the velomobile to your door. Your local customs and border control office has a list of brokers in your area, view here for USA and here for Canada. When selecting a broker, be sure to read the fine print about what fees they do and do not cover.  

You will also want to have the broker use CBP code HS8712.00.5000, the code specific to non-ebike velomobiles.  This code will get you the lowest import duty fees. Fees include: Entry fee (fee paid for the broker services) $125-160, single entry bond $50-60, courier fee (if you have the broker pay airport terminal fees), customs duty 3.7% of purchase price, merchandise processing fee, and airline terminal fee $60-120.  Your broker will also need power of attorney for the shipment. If picking up from the airport, some fees can be paid directly to the airport at pickup avoiding a handling fee from the broker. Jan and his team will provide you with an Airbill (essentially the plane ticket for the shipment) and a final invoice. A similar “ticket” will be sent for sea freight.

If you are picking up the velomobile at a shipping office, you have the option to either ride it home or rent a van. If riding home, you would need a place to dispose of the crate and tools to mount the mirrors and adjust the chain after moving the bottom bracket holder to the correct position for your leg length. Please note you will need a van, truck, or trailer than can fit a crate 300x86x110 cm.

Jan and the team will arrange for insuring the shipment (roughly $60). You might also want to talk with your broker to verify that you can inspect the shipment before signing acceptance documents to check for any damage. The velomobile will be crated so you will also need to ask about how to dispose of the crate if you are riding home.

Before shipping the box containing your velomobile, we will send you a document like this [click here], so you can see how we packed it.

⬇️ Click below on “+” to see some customer experiences of shipping a velomobile to the US

Ben Parke (Successfully imported velomobile in the USA)

Ben Parke Ambassador Page >>> 

I received my Bülk #56 March 5th, 2023. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories from others that imported new velomobiles to the US in past years before Velomobile World started handling the import process. Miscommunications, multi-year delays, and even damaged shipments. I have never had a velomobile shipped overseas before and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The first thing I did was to locate a broker to manage the import process for me. This is required by some airports. I used Edward J. Zarach as my broker. My broker agent was able to tell me what documents were needed (document of origin, final invoice, and air waybill) and then make sure those were filled out correctly and provided to customs. Having an excellent broker took the stress out of the shipping process for me. All I had to do was send those documents over and they did the rest. Velomobile World was great at communicating with me throughout the process. My Bülk was one of the first 5 Velomobile World ever shipped to the USA. Even though this was a new process for them, it went very smoothly.

My bike took a couple weeks from the time it left the factory to the time it arrived in Minneapolis, MN. The factory shipped it out very quickly, but it was rescheduled a few times by the air freight company. This is apparently quite normal with air freight. Once I knew that, I was able to relax and just wait until it arrived. Thanks to my broker, picking it up at the airport was a seamless process. My broker made sure I had all the necessary documents to give to the airport terminal. Terminal staff helped me load it into a truck to drive it home. Brokers can also arrange to ship the crate directly to your home.

The crating of the bike is excellent. Velomobile World uses very thick heavy cardboard on the top and sides with a heavy duty pallet. The box does a great job protecting the bike. Velomobile World makes sure the wheels are bolted to the pallet and that the box does not touch the bike anywhere to ensure the paint is not damaged. All the small parts included in the shipment were well-wrapped in protective padding. Opening each small package of parts was a little bit like opening birthday gifts.

I really appreciate the time and care Velomobile World has put into setting up this new direct-sales system. I had never considered buying a new velomobile because the process seemed intimidating, lengthy, and unpleasant. From the time I ordered my Bülk until it reached my door was about 5 months, and that for a model that had a very long order list. Some models now are as short as a 3 month wait, a very short time-period for a custom-built product. I’m so glad Velomobile World has chosen to start offering a direct-sales option and I hope more and more riders in North America will have the chance to take advantage of this new program.

If you’d like to see what the unboxing process is like, check out this video:

Claire Williams (Successfully imported velomobile in the USA)

Claire Williams Ambassador Page >>> 

As one of the first Ambassadors to receive their Bülk, the initial thought of figuring out the logistics of getting the Bülk to the states was a little daunting.  Luckily, that feeling quickly passed after I hired a customs broker to help me with the required U.S. Customs paperwork. My broker was Deena Catron from Laing International, Inc. and she was a pleasure to work with. Once you choose a broker, you complete a Power of Attorney so that they can work on your behalf (they provide you with the Power of Attorney form). You then provide your broker information to Jan so that his broker can create the Air Way Bill. Documents I provided to my broker were:

• Air Way Bill

• Commercial Invoice

• Packing List

Once Deena put the import information in the system, she was able to calculate the duties that would be owed. She also communicated directly with the export operator, Dick Meijer, when she had a question on the Air Way Bill and Mr. Meijer immediately responded to her inquiry. So, the communication between all the parties was exceptional.  

My bike was originally expected to arrive at JFK on February 27th but was rescheduled a few times due to “ground handling irregularities, caused by technical issues” as reported by Schiphol Airport. From there, it was going to be ground shipped to Dulles International Airport where I was to pick it up. After two other delays, which my customs agent said are typical, the bike finally arrived at Dulles on March 14th. Instead of being trucked to Dulles from JFK, it was put on another flight (which was faster than trying to get it rescheduled for ground transportation). Once it arrived at the cargo facility, it still had to clear Customs and I was able to pick it up on March 15th. My customs agent provided all the paperwork I needed to take with me and, after handing it over to the customs agent, they looked it over, typed it into their system and a short while later they had the crate at the cargo bay and even helped us load into our trailer. I will add, when I first ordered my bike, the expected completion/arrival date was April 15th.  So, even though the bike was air delayed several times, it still arrived a month before originally expected.   

For those just starting the process of ordering your Bülk, know that there are many moving pieces that go into the bike arriving at your final location. Be ready to (possibly) experience shipping delays once it leaves the Velomobile World factory. They have no control over what happens once it is delivered to the airport for transport to the U.S. However, you can be assured that they are shipped from the factory with the utmost care and the bikes are crated (crate: wooden case/box) in a way to ensure they arrive safely in the U.S.

Shipping in Europe


We ship in Europe with exception of the following countries, because we have a dealer network in these countries:

• Germany

• Netherlands

• Switzerland

• Austria

• Belgium 


For the countries in Europe, beside the country named above, we do shipping to your home address or to another address which you want.

We will pack your velomobile in a box not the same box as we use for overseas shipping. These boxes are expensive because they need to have all kinds of certification which makes these boxes expensive.

We have shipping rates but because last years the shipping rates fluctuated a lot we have an indication of shipping rate. It could be that there will be an after calculation, if it is more than 20% more expensive than we offered then we will bear that part. Unless it is more expensive than 50% then we have to look for solutions.