7. Alpha 9.2

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Hi, welcome on the page of Alpha 9.2 velomobile.

The A9 was designed to accommodate tall people up to ~2.10m without compromising on crank length. Due to the different proportions of people, even if they are the same size, this has not been achieved to the full extent. Daniel has now reworked the A9 to offer a velomobile without compromise to people up to ~2.10m. The A9.2 has been created.

The basis for the A9.2 is not the A9 but the M9. The M9 is a further development of the A9. Made for people up to about 1.88m with a more harmoniously modelled “face” and improved forward visibility. Due to the redesign of the A9 chassis, the knee room of the M9 has been reduced by about 3.5cm, but still offers more than enough space. By moving the entrance to the front, performance on streets and wind stability have also been improved. In detail, the M9 chassis is 2.5cm less high. In the shape of a wedge, 7.5cm (tapering to zero at the rear) have been cut out of the A9 chassis. The entrance has been moved forward by 2cm.

The changes to the A9.2 and adjustments to the chassis are now as follows. As already mentioned, the basis for the A9.2 is not the A9 but the M9. The chassis has now been raised by 4 cm. As a result, the front light is also 4 cm higher. The entire front area is 6 cm longer. By shifting the entrance area 5cm to the rear, the new A9.2 offers an incredible amount of space for very tall riders. Another benefit of this measure is that the arm position is much more comfortable when tank steering and there is more pressure on the rear wheel. The hood area has also been slightly revised for a harmonious design. Last but not least, the maintenance cover has been lowered by 2 cm to make maintenance work more comfortable. All these adjustments now create uncompromising space for riders up to ~2.10m with a free choice of crank length.

Due to its “mighty” appearance, the A9.2 is highly visible in road traffic, but hardly affects the aerodynamics. Especially with the new bonnet it is a real pleasure. A fogged-up windscreen is a thing of the past. Even at low speeds, no fogging is to be expected. That is currently unique.

Furthermore, the 9 class remains the reference in terms of wind stability and performance on streets. Light, stiff in the drivetrain as well as in the chassis – Daniel’s maxim!

Soon Daniel will introduce a Canopy with double side glazing, which will make the 9 Class even faster. Also available with Tiller steering, but Daniel is clearly in favour of tank steering. A clear recommendation from him as the handling is excellent, especially with armrests. In addition, the Steering Levers are very flexible at the sides so that they do not pose a danger in a crash.

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From: 10,350.42

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