3. Alpha W9

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Hi, welcome on the page of Alpha W9 velomobile.

Experience a new dimension of riding pleasure with the W9, the latest model in the Alpha series! This velomobile offers you a perfect combination of technology, design and riding pleasure that will inspire you.


With a length of 2.60 m, the W9 is just as long as the M9, but with a slightly narrower 72 cm and a modified shape. The track is 6 cm narrower.

Another special feature of the W9 is the possibility to position the seat up to 1.5 cm lower than on the current M9. This gives you a better seating position in terms of driving dynamics. In addition, the front has been widened by 1.5 cm at the point where contact can occur between the chassis and the feet, thus increasing the available crank space.

Despite the reduction of the outer dimensions, the W9 offers space for riders up to 1.80m with shoe size 44, even taller riders up to 1.85m will find room if crank lengths of 140mm are used. The entry area is 3 cm narrower at the front than on the M9, but identical again at the rear, making it more suitable for real women. The rider position is identical to the M9.

The W9 is not only technically at the highest level, but also a visual highlight. With its lowered top and slightly grown wedge shape, it looks VERY sexy.

Another unique selling point of the W9 are the well-known details of the Alpha class such as the excellent wind resistance, the wishbone that withstands accidents, the flanged entry edge, the dominant shoulders and head scoop as well as the crash-optimized front entry edge.

Daniel hopes to push the W9 into new speed realms. Experience a unique driving experience with the W9 now and discover a new dimension of driving pleasure!

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From: 10,000.00

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