1. Bülk 4 More

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The demand for high-priced velomobiles had declined and so the idea of a “people’s velomobile” was born. Affordable also for younger people and generally for more people: hence the name Bülk for More.

This new vehicle should not only be affordable for more people, but also have features that enable more universal use.

The 90/60 philosophy. We asked ourselves: what really counts in a velomobile? What mainly creates the wow effect of a velomobile and how can we create a velomobile that retains 90% of this wow effect but only costs 60% of a premium velomobile?
60% costs with 90% driving fun and functionality: a big challenge!

The Bülk 4 More is based on the successful world record-setting velomobile Bülk MK1 and adopts a large proportion of its features.


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From: 5,053.38

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