3. Alpha 7

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The Alpha 7 is a great al rounder, with the his weight of ~22 kg is it a light and stiff.

Alpha 7 has a light and stiff body, made from 100% carbon composite, has open front wheel wells and carbon wheel covers. It has a very significant air intake and front “engine” hood. The tail and hatch for the derailleur and rear axle are very narrow.

With the Alpha you can reach quite high speeds and the maintenance is easy.

People from 1.55m to 1.90m find room in the Alpha7. This is achieved, among other things, by offering 4 different seat sizes. Seat size L has recently become available in a more ergonomic version. Not only can differences in length of up to 14 cm be compensated for, but the seat can also be adjusted in height, another unique selling point. A great feature is that the seats can be removed without tools and exchanged with other sizes. Practical when, for example, several people use the same velomobile.

The space in the Alpha 7 is enormous. In the shoulder and arm area it is a generous 55-57cm. Packing spaces on the left, right and behind the seat, as well as shoes, laptop, etc. find sufficient space in this space wonder. An included chain cover reliably prevents equipment or clothing from being “eaten” or soiled by the chain.

The dimensions of the Alpha 7: length 257cm, chassis width 67cm, max. width 71cm, height 89cm, track width 66,5cm, axle distance 131,5cm.

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From: 9,159.66

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