4. Milan GT

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Why a Milan can change your life

The velomobile Milan (SL and GT) was built in 2005 by Eggert Bülk and Jens Buckbesch for racing events and record drives. Since then, this velomobile has set a number of world records.

To this day, this record bike has been continuously improved and optimized for everyday use. Weight, stiffness, comfort and features that improve everyday use are continuously optimized. Velomobile World acquired the rights to this vehicle in 2020 and is now continuously developing, producing and selling the Milan.

With its CW value of 0.1, the Milan is aerodynamically at the top. That is why you only need around 160 watts of pedal power for a speed of 50 km/h. This creates an enormous daily range. In 2010 Christian von Ascheberg drove a distance of 1219 km with the Milan in 24 hours, a world record for velomobile to this day. Only with muscle power.

Also leading in top speed: Bill Thornton (58 years old) drove an average of 97.96 km/h in Battle Mountain in the 200 m sprint with the Milan in 2019. World record for velomobiles to date. Only with muscle power.

Whether as a commuter vehicle, a holiday velomobile or a year-round sports device: with the Milan you fly towards your destination and it is often difficult not to get the grin off your face…

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From: 8,991.60

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